OCT 21, 2023
OCT 21, 2023

Approvers Reject and Approve, Contextual Comments and Editor Updates

Our Template Generator has shown that customers want to create their own dynamic templates. This week we launched Approvers to the setup of a template. Simply add a team members email that must approve/reject a contract before it will be sent to the Signee(s). This will automise the processes of teams not having to manually invite stakeholders for approval/rejections. Next to this update we integrated contextual comments that allow in the case of an Approver to add comments to specific locations in a document. We also fixed issues across the platform.

Fixes & improvements

  • Disabled comments on completed documents to streamline the user experience.
  • Implemented fixes for template generator ordering and editing behaviors, enhancing overall usability.
  • Adjusted email date alignment and improved the appearance of initials for a cleaner interface.
  • Added approver permissions to comment, enabling a more collaborative environment.
  • Enhanced the mobile experience with better switching to editor mode and optimized sidebar comments for mobile users.
  • Resolved issues with email displays and shortcuts, including fixing a bug that placed the cursor at the end when editing.
  • Refined user interface elements, such as the right side button padding and email date box-shadow, for better visual coherence.
  • Fixed duplicated contextual comments and wrong comment counts, ensuring accurate communication.
  • Adjusted the debounce timing from 500ms to 1000ms for improved performance.
  • Addressed various document bugs, including incorrect indexing and permission errors.

SEP 28, 2023
SEP 28, 2023

Commenting improvements

The latest update enhances the mobile commenting experience and introduces aesthetic refinements across the platform. Notable improvements include the resolution of comment-related bugs, streamlined comment creation, and the implementation of command shortcuts for an efficient workflow.

Fixes & improvements

  • Resolved bugs with duplicated comments and improved the user interface by preventing comments on already commented text.
  • Set default values for comments to false and refined comment-related email notifications.
  • Improved the mobile commenting experience with better handling of mobile-specific interactions and interface adjustments.
  • Introduced key command shortcuts, enhancing comment creation and management workflow.
  • Fixed a critical error that prevented users from seeing comments upon the first document load.
  • Implemented interface adjustments, including better word wrapping in comments and improved padding for a cleaner look.
  • Addressed user interface bugs, including a fix for the signee display issue and adjustments to prevent crashing during editor parsing.
  • Made several template improvements, including setting the default template title to "Untitled" if empty and adding a debouncer to textArea for better performance.
  • Corrected document-related issues, including permission handling in the document list and various fixes for the document title and template signees.
  • Polished the user interface by removing unnecessary dropdowns, adding shadows for depth perception, and adjusting button padding for better ergonomics.

SEP 14, 2023
SEP 14, 2023

Improving Commenting Experience and Platform Stability

This update brings a major overhaul to the commenting system, making it more intuitive and user-friendly with sidebar enhancements and better handling of resolved comments. Reliability across the platform is bolstered with fixes for shared user cases and template generator order, alongside improved error handling for PDFs and signee visibility.

Fixes & improvements

  • Resolved issues with shared users not being correctly handled, ensuring proper access and functionality.
  • Implemented fixes in the wizard to correct behavior when pressing the Enter key, which previously led to unexpected results.
  • Addressed recipient errors during PDF generation, removing obstacles to document completion and signing.
  • Made significant improvements to the template generator, including the correction of display order and email formatting errors.
  • Enhanced the visibility of signees, fixing a critical issue where signees were not displayed under certain conditions.
  • Improved the experience of resolving comments by allowing users to separate and manage resolved comments effectively.
  • Fixed the jumping title issue within templates, providing a more stable and less distracting editing environment.
  • Added logic to hide editing icons when data is prefilled, streamlining the user interface and reducing confusion.
  • Introduced a fix for the wizard and preview steps to ensure a smoother document finalization process.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented the dashboard link from functioning correctly after signing and sending a document.
  • Adjusted the styling of the rejected label and share button for better visual clarity and consistency.
  • Rolled back configurations that caused errors, maintaining platform stability.
  • Corrected document title handling to prevent display issues and ensure accurate reflection of document content.

SEP 1, 2023
SEP 1, 2023

eSigning, Template Generator and Creator Updates

The focus on improving the template creation process continues with key fixes to wizard (Creator) behavior and prompt generation. Additionally, interface enhancements ensure a more seamless experience, including better focus management and visual feedback. Usability has been further refined with the removal of problematic reminders and the addition of clear input labels, making the platform more intuitive.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an error that prevented users from signing documents, enhancing the core functionality of the platform.
  • Improved wizard behavior to prevent unwanted actions when pressing the Enter key, thus streamlining the form-filling experience.
  • Adjusted the template scroll and fixed typeError, resulting in a smoother navigation and error-free interactions.
  • Implemented a check for email verification to reinforce security measures.
  • Resolved an issue where input was not focusing as intended, improving form entry efficiency.
  • Removed a reminder feature that was causing bugs, opting for stability and reliability.
  • Altered selection colors within the editor for better visual distinction and focus.
  • Added conditions to select the data-field when clicking, which fine-tunes the form field interaction.
  • Addressed and fixed a wizard crash to bolster the stability of template creation.
  • Included a placeholder within templates to guide users through content creation.
  • Added a message box to enhance communication and user feedback on actions.
  • Applied various minor fixes to the template generator for a smoother operation and user experience.
  • Removed focusOn state which hinders tab navigation, thereby enhancing accessibility.
  • Fixed the preview stepper's active classname and resolved a firstPrompt error in the wizard, ensuring proper navigation and display.
AUG 8, 2023
AUG 8, 2023

Launch of Review Form and new Template Prompts

We've refined the template prompts to enhance the user experience significantly. Users can now enjoy a more intuitive and streamlined process when creating templates, with added features like reminders and improved placeholder text. The user interface has also seen upgrades, particularly in the editor's selection color and floating elements' positioning, making for a smoother and more visually appealing journey.

Fixes & improvements:

  • Reintroduced the sharing functionality to improve collaboration on documents.
  • Added a reminder feature in template prompts to aid users in task management.
  • Enhanced the editor's selection color for better visibility and focus.
  • Adjusted floating element positions for a more user-friendly interface.
  • Created select options within template prompts for dynamic form functionalities.
  • Fixed multiple API calls to optimize performance and server response times.
  • Improved sidebar interaction with added scrolling when clicking on sidebar elements.
  • Resolved a wizard crash issue, bolstering the stability of template creation.
  • Fixed the link to all templates ensuring users can access the full document range easily.
  • Implemented spacing between items in the templates list for a neater layout and easier navigation.
  • Addressed a toggle reset issue to maintain accurate user settings.
  • Allowed SelectDataField to block or accept duplicate entries, ensuring data integrity.
  • Corrected variable highlight selection for a clearer user experience.
  • Fixed the wizard crash to enhance template creation process reliability.
  • Commenced adding conditional logic to forms for a smarter, context-aware user experience.
  • Fixed an error preventing the display of documents to be signed, ensuring a seamless signing process.

JUL 21, 2023
JUL 21, 2023

The Template Generator is here!

Since we started building Swiftsign, this feature has been on the map. Today we are happy to share it's live. Allowing customers to upload any document and turn it into a dynamic Swiftsign Template, without our development team being involved in the process. The Template Generator is now available to everyone and we are more going towards a full contract management & eSigning solution. We also fixed critical issues on the platform that have been reported by customers.

Key Developments:

  • Prompts within the template generator have been finely tuned, offering a more intuitive setup for document creation workflows.
  • Enhanced the SelectDataField component to prevent duplication and ensure data integrity.
  • Upgraded the editor with undo functionality, augmenting user control over document editing.
  • Template status functions have been improved for better management and tracking of document states.
  • A multitude of pull requests have been successfully merged, incorporating robust features into the develop branch.
  • Introduced dynamic URL generation for Auth0, optimizing the authentication process.
  • Addressed and remedied dropdown issues, reinforcing the user interface's responsiveness and reliability.
  • Implemented new features for the template generator, such as allowing repeated tags, which enhances flexibility in template customization.
  • Squashed commits have streamlined updates, ensuring a cohesive development process.
  • Resolved bugs relating to SelectDataField properties, improving the stability of the template generator's functionality.
  • Added handling for the time period question type, offering more versatility in prompt responses.
  • Applied multiple style fixes to the time period inputs, ensuring consistency and user-friendly design.
  • Implemented new parties table functionality, expanding the scope of document management capabilities.
  • Continuous iteration on the template prompts, refining logic and improving the user's interactive experience.
  • Added support for the TIME_PERIOD question type, expanding the system's capability to handle various input types.
  • Implemented logic for signees, enabling the tracking and management of individuals who need to sign documents.
  • Conducted a thorough cleanup of console logs, enhancing code readability and maintenance.
  • Introduced changes to the status creation process when adding signees, improving the clarity of the user's role and actions within a document.
JUL 19, 2023
JUL 19, 2023

Launch of Views and Editor improvements

Editors must be powerful, to solve drafting tasks. We improved and added a couple of features to enable a faster drafting/editing experience. Next to this update the team has worked on launching a feature which was based on customer feedback / needs. The customer was facing the problem of not knowing if a Signee has viewed a contract after it has been sent. This resulted in sending external emails to the Signee to understand why no signature has been done. We launched Views a little icon that shows the amount of views. Next to this launch we have worked on elevated on our features and resolved multiple issues.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Integrated basic visit functionalities to bolster analytics and user engagement insights.
  • Forged ahead with prompt generation within templates, focusing on workflow efficiency and user ease.
  • Eliminated discrepancies in document visibility to ensure all necessary documents are accessible for signing.
  • Overhauled the address card component, refining user interaction and input accuracy.
  • Executed a significant merge of master into the development environment, incorporating a plethora of commits for system enhancement.
  • Streamlined the prompt workflow within the template generator, enhancing document creation dynamics.
  • Conducted a comprehensive sweep to clean up and remove redundant branches, ensuring a clutter-free and manageable code environment.
  • Instituted a pivotal fix to search functionality, refining dropdown behavior and deletion operations.
  • Adjusted select data field behaviors, including default opening and customization options, for a more intuitive user interface.
  • Tackled visibility issues within the template prompts, implementing logic changes for an improved user experience.
  • Addressed and resolved several bugs, including type errors and document display issues, to solidify the robustness of the platform.
JUN 26, 2023
JUN 26, 2023

Our first Integration with Salesforce is live!

To make it even more seamless creating a contract we decided to built a Salesforce Integration that allows your Sales Team with one click to create and sign sales agreements. Our research shows that all agreements for the Sales Team are standardisable with a set of predefined templates that can serve individual request. To name one example a company's sales agreement usually consists of a clause to use the customers logo for Marketing purposes. This clause is oftern negotiated and many companies do not agree with it. Now the Sales person independently of the Legal team can exclude the Logo Usage Clause from a contract. Next to this release that again gives more freedom to Sales (Non-legals) to move fast, the team has worked on fine-tuning various functionalities and resolving issues to enhance system performance

Fixes & Improvements

  • Made significant style adjustments to the buttons on the allow access page, improving the visual consistency with the Salesforce integration.
  • Resolved master and develop merge issues, maintaining codebase integrity and facilitating continuous integration.
  • Streamlined the template prompts creation process, ensuring tags are appended correctly when initiated from the sidebar.
  • Successfully merged critical pull requests, addressing visit counters and contract repository actions for improved system reliability.
  • Refined document request logic to require authentication only when no account information is present, enhancing security measures.
  • Implemented key fixes in the share contract feature, improving search sorting and input focus behavior for a more intuitive user interface.
  • Addressed import errors and APIURL checks from the domain, ensuring environmental consistency across different deployment stages.
  • Showcased basic visit counts, providing valuable insights into user engagement with the platform.
  • Improved the contract preview and sign button functionalities, particularly addressing mobile responsiveness.
  • Addressed data field sorting issues and ensured the correct disabling of options that are already in use to prevent user confusion.
  • Enhanced custom fields functionality, including enabling type changes and fixing related errors.
  • Dealt with multiple minor fixes and adjustments as per QA recommendations to refine the user experience and system robustness.
  • JUN 14, 2023
    JUN 14, 2023

    Stability and Performance improvements

    The development team has addressed a wide range of issues and enhancements to increase platform stability and performance. Following our updates from last week, we are still focussing on resolving core stability and performance issues.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Unified the template generator enhancements, consolidating a significant 15-commit update to improve functionality.
    • Improved the address card user flow by automatically advancing to the next card, enhancing navigation efficiency.
    • Resolved a critical issue where address values were not updating, ensuring data accuracy.
    • Corrected auto-select functionality to work correctly on the first attempt, improving user interaction.
    • Addressed and fixed merge issues within the share contract feature, maintaining code integrity.
    • Implemented a key update to the contract repository, ensuring its proper integration and operation.
    • Introduced a new address type within the autofill feature, facilitating more accurate data entry.
    • Overhauled the cursor behavior in the drag and drop interface, making it more intuitive.
    • Enhanced the contract repository's select data field behavior, fixing getPopupContainer issues.
    • Implemented necessary changes to the mobile layout and permissions for data fields, resolving previous bugs.
    • Addressed layout bugs in the search functionality and refined column dropdown styles for a cleaner user interface.
    • Fixed tooltip display issues, ensuring users receive correct contextual information.
    • Added smart logic to the sign and share buttons on mobile devices, improving the mobile experience.
    • Introduced a new object, pdfFile, to optimize file handling within the share contract module.
    • Devised a strategy to prevent unauthorized edits by disabling inputs accordingly, bolstering security.
    • Resolved UI bugs related to the contract back button and improved pdf ratio handling on mobile devices.
    • Refined the header layout for better structure and visual appeal.
    • Revamped the wizard's go-back search functionality, ensuring smooth navigation through the contract creation process.
    • Rolled out a series of bug fixes and minor improvements across various modules, including the template generator and share contract feature.
    JUN 3, 2023
    JUN 3, 2023

    Security, Sharing and Search Updates

    We have been struggling with stability and performance issues in recent weeks. The critical areas included documents not being sent, documents not being signed, and signees being unable to sign. For a legaltech platform that handles sensible data, stability and reliability are crucial from day one. You can compare the challenges we face to them of a Fintech. Now, imagine if your business pays a bill, but the money doesn't arrive.... We support our customers with tools to help them sell faster and easier; if they can't rely on us, their business is at risk of losing a deal. We have identified critical ares and implemented multiple actions to resolve the core stability issues of the platform.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Resolved multiple issues enhancing the overall stability and functionality of the share contract feature.
    • Unified commits to streamline updates, ensuring a seamless and efficient development workflow.
    • Integrated smart tools like Smartlook and Rollbar for better monitoring and diagnostics.
    • Refined the document searching capability, allowing users to click on searched documents directly, improving navigation.
    • Optimized the tags plugin within the template generator for better user interaction.
    • Addressed and fixed an issue with address fields not updating correctly, ensuring accurate data across functionalities.
    • Implemented quick background changes to the share contract feature, enhancing the visual experience.
    • Enabled clicking on documents within the share contract module, facilitating easier document management.
    • Included a beta badge to certain features for better user awareness of new functionalities.
    • Removed unnecessary click events on drag and drop components, streamlining the user experience.
    • Added navigation arrows to the dashboard, improving the platform's intuitiveness.
    • Tackled search layout bugs, refining the user interface and interactions.
    • Adjusted the font size for general word use for improved readability.
    • Updated hover item backgrounds in the date picker for better visual cues.
    • Standardized default icons for data fields, enhancing the UI's consistency.
    • Made important color adjustments to deletion items for better visibility and user feedback.
    • Fine-tuned hover color for select data-field and data-field type dropdowns for a more intuitive interface.
    • Fixed share functionality on uploaded contracts, ensuring a smooth sharing process.
    • Corrected tooltip issues for better information display and user guidance.
    • Enhanced the PDF file object within the share contract module for better document handling.
    • Streamlined general platform fixes, improving overall system performance.
    • Advanced the search repository work, enabling more robust search capabilities.
    • Added logic to the template generator and formatting for better template creation and management.
    • Addressed prompt array issues in static documents, ensuring data integrity.
    • Rolled out improvements to template variables, enhancing customizability and control.
    • Updated the document service return logic for static creation, making the process more reliable.
    • Implemented a new PDF file object for an improved document management experience within the share contract feature.
    MAY 16, 2023
    MAY 11, 2023
    MAY 11, 2023

    Store all your contracts in one place, add automated reminders and search for details

    Documents today are scattered, sometimes even gathering dust on employees' desks. With our latest update, the Contract Repository offers features such as adding automated reminders and search functionality, allowing users to store all documents in one place. Upload and store both previous and new document PDF files, never miss a deadline again by setting an automated reminder, and easily search for specific details, such as all deal values within contracts. In addition to this major update, we have worked on enhancing performance and resolving issues.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Enhanced workspace functionality to adapt to user needs more dynamically.
    • Implemented a new optional name prompt for a customized user interaction.
    • Commented out suggestions and messages for a streamlined user experience.
    • Refined the template list view, providing a more organized display of available templates.
    • Advanced the search feature within the contract repository, adding new address data fields for comprehensive filtering.
    • Addressed mobile responsiveness, ensuring data fields behave as expected across devices.
    • Refined the upload modal, contributing to a seamless document handling process.
    • Improved front-end responsiveness based on user feedback, ensuring a more intuitive interface.
    • Adjusted the function for renaming suggestions, enhancing the review and editing process.
    • Fine-tuned authentication processes and added optional name question types for user flexibility.
    • Addressed file upload issues, ensuring documents are correctly processed and available.
    • Implemented changes to static document handling, increasing the robustness of document management.
    • Added new status logic for uploaded documents, offering more clarity on document states.
    • Adjusted document service returns to improve the upload process and user feedback.
    • Introduced a signed URL return for document access, ensuring secure retrieval of documents.
    • Optimized the static document handling, including error management and data encoding strategies.
    Apr 18, 2023
    Apr 18, 2023

    Share any document anytime

    With our sharing feature, we've made it very simple for anyone to share a document via a link or invitation. Our goal is to invite for easy collaboration and empower all stakeholders to offer feedback, suggestions, or edits. Next to this update, we've made significant improvements in workspace functionality and document management.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Enforced sharing visibility exclusively for owners, strengthening privacy controls.
    • Implemented permissions-based rendering of the share functionality, ensuring secure and authorized access.
    • Addressed issues with shared PDFs and associated error messages to ensure reliable document sharing.
    • Integrated a re-send email function, improving communication with users.
    • Reworked workspace logic for a more intuitive user experience.
    • Resolved critical bugs where deleted documents were not being removed as expected.
    • Overhauled the review page, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable components, boosting performance and maintainability.
    • Introduced a new download API request to facilitate asynchronous operations, enhancing system responsiveness.
    • Fixed a typeError that was impacting system stability.
    • Updated icons and introduced new templates for a refreshed user interface and experience.
    • Streamlined redirection for new accounts, ensuring a smoother onboarding process.
    • Added logout mechanisms to prevent infinite loops, increasing system reliability.
    • Enabled the use of the same email with different names, increasing flexibility in user management.
    • Advanced the feature set for editing and commenting on documents, allowing text selection-based suggestions for collaborative reviews.
    • Addressed signee issues and reintroduced training elements to the development environment, reaffirming our commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
    • Enhanced the suggestion reminder functionality, ensuring timely follow-ups and actions.
    • Added notifications for a more interactive and informed user experience.
    Apr 4, 2023
    Apr 4, 2023

    Create Contracts Blazingly fast!

    The Creator enables our target users non-legals to quickly create legally valid contracts using our template gallery. As this functionality is central to our product features, we are continuously working to enhance performance and user experience. We have begun working on comprehensive sharing features that allow you to share a document at any stage of a contract's lifecycle.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Corrected template functionalities, ensuring smoother operations and layout on mobile devices.
    • Updated site terminology and document review icons to better align with user expectations.
    • Enhanced the contract review process by allowing users to edit list values directly in the review interface.
    • Resolved an issue with undefined prompts, solidifying the reliability of template creation tools.
    • Standardized sharing properties across desktop and mobile components, fostering a unified sharing experience.
    • Refined sharing functionality, including new links, back button navigation in document review, and fixes to the copy link and open select options.
    • Addressed document visibility post-sharing to ensure all changes are accurately reflected.
    • Streamlined environmental logic for URL generation to better support different deployment scenarios.
    • Reintroduced the training environment to the platform, enabling ongoing improvement and rigorous testing.
    • Componized sharing capabilities, enhancing modularity and maintainability.
    • Implemented a function to trim spaces from autofill addresses, thus improving form accuracy.
    • Fixed a significant issue where billing periods were calculated to be longer than the contract length, ensuring accurate financial operations.
    • Rectified translations for emails and other text elements, providing a clearer and more professional communication standard.
    • Refined the PDF export functionality, particularly around table content and creation, for better document management and presentation.
    • Integrated features for suggesting edits and comments, enhancing collaborative document review processes.
    • Added the capability to manage and assign new roles within accounts, broadening administrative controls.
    • Streamlined permissions for viewing and editing suggestions to enforce document security and integrity.
    MAR 20, 2023
    MAR 20, 2023

    Custom Templates and Creator Updates

    We've been working intensively on launching our first custom template for our customers. This strategic direction will enable us to onboard more customers who can bring their existing legal documents and convert them into dynamic Swiftsign templates. In addition to this major update, we've made enhancements across the platform, including updates to the web/mobile interface and more contract management features.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Refined validation logic and answer handling within custom contract features for improved accuracy.
    • Developed a new object structure required for backend communication, enhancing data processing.
    • Fixed contract time and notice parameters to ensure the correct display and enforcement of contract terms.
    • Improved mobile CSS for better user interface responsiveness on various devices.
    • Set intelligent default values in place of empty arrays to prevent errors during data handling.
    • Corrected price formatting to ensure clarity and consistency in financial information.
    • Streamlined the merge process, incorporating multiple commits to develop a more coherent and up-to-date codebase.
    • Enhanced formula and edit functionalities, allowing for more precise control over contract details.
    • Fixed the plan price calculation to accurately reflect discounts and total pricing.
    • Resolved a discount select issue where a value of 0 was not being correctly recognized.
    • Implemented a sign button to facilitate easier document signing processes.
    • Standardized German text across the platform for a consistent user experience.
    • Centralized card elements within the UI for better visual organization and usability.
    • Addressed and corrected default value assignment on edit to maintain data integrity.
    • Adjusted internationalization (i18n) configurations and fixed related errors for a more seamless global user experience.
    • Resolved an issue with initial values not being saved correctly during edits to contracts.
    • Implemented rollbar and smartLook integrations for enhanced error tracking and user interaction analytics.
    • Refactored the sharing component to ensure a modular and maintainable approach to document distribution.
    • Introduced prettier coding standards and adjusted API configurations for local development environments.
    • Updated the logic for displaying the document review table, allowing for a better overview of document content.